Information for cancellation of event

[Information for cancellation of event]

We’ve decided to cancel the JAWS DAYS 2020, which is planned at TOC Gotanda Messe in Tokyo on March 14th 2020.

JAWS DAYS 2020 Executive Committee tried to find out any correspondences and countermeasures for holding this event. However the situation of the Novel Coronavirus in Japan is still highly fluid. The safe and health of all attendees, supporters and speakers must be prioritized therefore we decided a cancelation of the event.

We are so sorry for all people who are looking forward to the JAWS DAYS 2020.
And we would like to thank all supporters and event staffs for your understandings.
Now we are going to explore the other way like online instead of in-person.
We would provide some proposals through Web and SNS by Feb 29th.

[Information for refund]

For general ticket (prepaid):
Prepaid general ticket will be refunded by Doorkeeper. But the system commission fee will be deducted.

For general ticket (paid at the venue):
There is no refund because it has not been settled.

For individual supporter and upgrade ticket:
We are considering a response policy.

  • Refund processing will be performed sequentially from March 1, 2020.
  • By February 29, individual supporters will be notified of their policies.